The future of search

To understand the impact of search and where we are heading in the future, watch this TEDx talk by Marcus Tandler.


WordPress SEO advice for Matt Cutts – don’t use css to hide footer links ;)

When looking at the source code of I noticed that the footer links are hidden with CSS. In my opinion that’s a bit sloppy and can potentially be against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Matt “wrote the book” on this type of stuff, so it’s obviously not a deceptive blackhat move. It could be a test. But maaybe it could also confuse other people using the same techniques because “Hey, Matt does it on his blog..”. … 


15 experts on SEO tips for 2013

2012 was eventful to say the least. Last year I did an interview on SEO tips for 2012. This year is no different. I asked 15 trusted experts in the SEO community about the changes we saw last year and what we can expect in 2013. This is a must read for anyone working with SEO.


WordPress Performance And Speed Optimization Tips

Want better WordPress performence? Site speed is important for bots and users. There are lots of benefits of having a blazing fast site.


Product pages on steroids – How to Get E-commerce links with the Arngren method

Need e-commerce links? Learn how to get e-commerce links with the “Arngren” method and why some product pages attract more links.


Making awesome job titles for SEOs

seo job title generator

Want to get your self a nice creative SEO job title? Check out the SEO Job Title Generator. Just for fun:)



18 SEO Experts On How To Do SEO In 2012

Group Interview: Google is moving fast and algorithms improve rapidly. I asked 18 top SEOs about their best SEO tips for 2012…


Template club get PageRank 9 with millions of hidden links

Last year I discovered a hidden link on a client site pointing to a template site with a PageRank 9. WOW! How did they do that? Lets see….


Optimal WordPress URL Structure

Choosing the perfect URL structure in WordPress can get tricky. Especially with the new Google freshness update. Here is why…